South Arlington, VA Home Addition

On this project in Arlington County, VA, the owner wanted to retain the charming character of this existing 2-story brick home originally built in 1940, but also wanted the comfort and space of a new home. The development team (Bolt Builders, 2 Plys Architecture, and DeMarr Engineering) transformed this home into a 5-bedroom, 3.5-bath, and 4,500 square foot masterpiece.   

DEMARR Engineering was retained by the owner to produce the Civil Engineering drawings and obtain the site permits. Our process immediately started with a field survey of the site to produce an Existing Conditions Plan; the basis for our site design.


Following the site survey, we coordinated with the architect to add their proposed addition layout to our site plan. Our site plan included features to be removed, impervious area calculations, erosion & sediment control measures, storm water management design, and landscape conservation planning. Our full size 24"x36" site plan set ended up being 10 sheets long. Our plans were then reviewed by Arlington County, VA and approved upon second submission.


Immediately following plan approval, we handled the site permit processing and construction was able to begin upon permit issuance. We provided construction stakeout for exact foundation placement by the concrete contractor and we also provided consulting throughout the project. As a result, the entire project went smoothly.   

Builder:  BOLT Builders (

Architect: 2 Plys Architecture (

Civil Engineer: DeMarr Engineering, PLLC

Plans & Permit Timeframe: 6 Months from contract signature to permit issuance.

Construction Duration: 4.5 Months from permit issuance to final occupancy permit. 

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