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When is a Grading Permit required in Loudoun County, VA? 

Any project in Loudoun County, Virginia involving land disturbance equal to or greater than 5,000 square feet will require a grading permit issued by Loudoun County.


Any land disturbance in sensitive zoned areas (Mountain Side Overlay District, Limestone Overlay District, or Steep Slopes) may require a grading permit even if land disturbance is less than 5,000 square feet. 


Construction activity (clearing, grading, and excavating) which results in land disturbance equal to or greater than 1 acre will require a separate Virginia Stormwater Management Permit (VSMP) for storm water discharges from construction activities. 

When is a site plan required in Loudoun County, VA?

A site plan is required by Section 6-701 of the Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance for development of any land which falls into the following categories: 

  • All uses on a commercial or industrial zoned property;

  • All permitted uses in the residential districts, except for agricultural structures and single-family detached dwellings, duplex dwellings, townhouses and accessory uses and structures allowed by the Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance;

  • Those special exception uses and structures which require a site plan;

  • Any development in which any required off-street parking space is to be used by more than one establishment;

  • When an alteration or amendment is proposed to the site improvements or design of a previously approved site plan, unless site plan amendment criteria can be met; in that case, a site plan amendment application may be filed;

  • When an existing residential use is proposed for a change to a commercial, industrial, or multi-family residential use;

  • All public buildings and institutions;

  • All other uses involving a building required to be reviewed by the Planning Commission under Section 15 to 1.456 of the Code of Virginia as amended.


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