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When is a Land Disturbance Permit required in Fairfax County, VA?

Any project in Fairfax County involving land disturbance greater than 2,500 Square Feet will require a land disturbance permit issued by Fairfax County. 

What type of Civil Engineering Plan do I need in Fairfax County, VA?

(Residential Land Owners)

Small Home Improvement Projects (decks, sunroom, patios, etc) with land disturbance less than 2,500 Square Feet. = House Location Plat   

Yard Improvement Projects (Demolition & Site Grading) with land disturbance greater than 2,500 Square Feet = Rough Grading Plan (RGP)

Medium Home Improvement Projects (small additions, small pools, etc) with land disturbance less than 5,000 Square Feet = Conservation Plan (CON)

Complete Tear Down & Rebuild Projects (New homes, large additions, etc) with land disturbance greater than 2,500 Square Feet = Infill Grading Plan (INF)

For more information see Residential Site-Related Plans PDF sheet from Fairfax County below:    

Civil Engineering Plans for Commercial, Industrial, and Other Property
(Commercial Land Owners)


  • Minor Site Plan (adding a mezzanine, adding imperious parking area, etc).  

  • Major Site Plan (new building, complete site development, etc). 

  • Public Improvement Plan (public water or sewer main extensions)

  • Subdivision Plan (multi-parcel residential home developments)

  • Parking Redesignation Plan (added, eliminated, re-arranged, or reconfigured parking spaces)

  • Parking Tabulation Form (required for any change or expansion in land use)

  • Generalized Development Plan (concept plan for rezoning process)


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