Civil Engineering

Rough Grading Plans

Land Disturbance >2,500 Sq. Ft. under an existing use will require a Rough Grading Plan in Fairfax County. This plan will propose measures to prevent Sediment Runoff and protect neighboring properties from stormwater runoff...Click Here to Learn More!  

Fairfax County Rough Grading Plan

Commercial Site Plans

We are very familiar with Major Site Plans for Large Commercial Projects in Northern Virginia. From Generalized Development Plans for Rezoning Applications to Final Site Plans for construction, we are here from Start to Finish...Click Here to Learn More!

Northern Virginia Major Site Plans

Infill Lot Grading Plans

If you are building a new home, you will need an Infill Grading Plan. We will shape the land around your home and we'll handle all of the Civil Engineering aspects required by the County for approval...Click Here to Learn More! 

Fairfax County Infill Grading Plan

Drainage Evaluations

Even if Land Disturbance is <2,500 Sq. Ft., and County submittal is not required, you may still need a Civil Engineering Plan. We can develop small plans to correct drainage and grading issues on your property for your contractor to follow...Click Here to Learn More!

Northern Virginia Drainage Evaluations

Northern Virginia Civil Engineering

We provide all of these Civil Engineering Services to the Northern Virginia Region in the following Cities and Counties: Falls Church City, Fairfax County, Arlington County, City of Alexandria, Loudoun County.

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