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When is a Land Disturbance Permit required in the City of Alexandria, VA? 

Any project in the City of Alexandria, Virginia involving land disturbance equal to or greater than 2,500 square feet will require a land disturbance permit issued by the City of Alexandria.


If your project disturbs 1 acre or greater, except for detached single family homes, then we will also need to apply for a construction general permit for discharges of stormwater from construction activities.     

When is a Construction Permit required in the City of Alexandria, VA?

The City of Alexandria requires permits for most, if no all, construction and maintenance work on buildings. This includes but is not limited to:

  • New buildings or structures

  • Demolition

  • Interior and/or exterior alterations

  • Renovations

  • Change of Occupancy in existing buildings/structures

  • Maintenance of existing buildings/structures (May also require a Traffic Control Plan). 

What type of Construction Permit is required in the City of Alexandria, VA?

The City of Alexandria divides their land development permits into two general permit categories; Residential and Commercial. 

Any alteration, renovation, or construction of the following will require a permit: 

Residential (Not more than three stories above grade)

  • Townhomes / Rowhomes

  • Duplexes

  • Private Garages / Fixed Carports

  • Accessory Structures larger than 200 square feet (sheds, garages, playhouses, etc). 

  • Private Pools

  • Decks / Porches / Stoops

  • Fences (greater than 6-ft tall)

  • Retaining Walls (greater than 2-ft tall)

Commercial (Any residential or commercial occupancy not defined as "residential occupancy.")

  • Multi-family Dwelling Units containing 3 or more units (Apartments & Condominiums)

  • Restaurants / Cafes / Night-clubs / Taverns / Bars

  • Retail (Markets & Stores)

  • Professional Offices (Doctor, Dental, Attorney, Banks, etc). 

  • Storage

  • Schools

  • Daycare / Childcare

  • Hotels

  • Dormitories

  • Theaters

  • Public Pools

  • Factories

  • Bakeries

  • Hospitals

  • and more...


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