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Arlington County Virginia Permits
When is a Land Disturbing Activity Permit required in Arlington County, VA?

Any project in Arlington County, Virginia involving land disturbance equal to or greater than 2,500 square feet will require a land disturbance permit issued by Arlington County.


  • If the project area is less than 2,000 square feet, a Land Disturbing Activity (LDA) Permit is not required. 

  • If the project area is between 2,000-2,499 square feet, you will need us to perform a survey of the site and we will mark out the limits of disturbance (LOD) to ensure the disturbed area is not larger than 2,500 square feet. 

  • Projects equal or greater than 2,500 square feet, will require an LDA permit along with a set of civil engineering plans.  


How is land disturbance area calculated in Arlington County, VA? 

The following graphic below is a quick example to show all the factors that need to be accounted for in a small rear addition project.


What type of Civil Engineering Plan do I need in Arlington County, VA?

A typical project will require a site plan package containing the following plans. 


  • Existing Conditions Plan (This survey plan provides the basis for the engineering plans to be designed upon.)

  • Demolition Plan (Any existing features to be removed). 

  • Erosion & Sediment Control Plan​ (To prevent control any sediment from leaving your project). 

  • Landscape Conservation Plan (To protect any mature trees on your property and project a minimum canopy coverage as required). 

  • Storm Water Management Plan (Any increase in impervious area must be accounted for so that the post-development condition of your site does not generate more rainfall runoff than the pre-developed conditions.)

  • Responsible Land Disturber (RLD) Certificate (To be provided by the builder, contractor, or homeowner). For more information on how to obtain this certificate, please visit the Virginia DEQ Website

Civil Engineering Plans for Commercial and Mixed-Use Property


  • Commercial Building Permit

  • Demolition Permit

  • Conceptual Site Plans

  • Preliminary Development Proposals

  • New Site Plans

  • Site Plan Amendments


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